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Qamariyas: Yemen’s Multi-Coloured Stained Glass Windows
Qamariyas, windows made of colourful stained glass, are considered one of the most important archite...

Designs for Evening Wear Inspired By Arabian Horses and Equestrianism
This paper highlights the beauty of horses and the position they hold in fashion design, and it aims...

Celebrations, Events and Festivities in Algerian Culture: Social Functions and Ceremonial Dimensions
Eids and festive occasions are considered social practices and religious rituals through which the c...
Issue 54
Rites Associated With the Wedding Garments and Traditions Of Tlemcen: A Bride's Bath
Issue 54

The wedding bath is one of the main rituals in an integral part of the wedding ceremony in Algerian traditions. Baths are taken two days before the wedding, and after wedding. 

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